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These are my newest from my mind.They are my newest mind you. If you don't like what you see here then check my gallery. Also all chapters of my stories have a chance to be revised so what is submitted new first will change as I progress. Thank you.

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Sat Jan 17, 2015, 9:58 AM
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Greetings everyone and great googly moogly, another year for me has passed by. Sure New Years signifies a new year but in the terms of life, another year of mine has passed and gone and what can I say about it. It wasn't bad it was good given past years I survived.

What did I do for my birthday? Absolutely nothing! It's cold, I was sick, and there isn't a lot of things to do in January. I got a another rice cooker because seriously rice cookers. They are the best inventions ever.  Also, I've the cooking space of a drom and believe me, it's nice not having to cook one thing at a time.

Now grant it there are a number of arising frustration that wasn't dealt with in the manner that I liked but another years passed and another year begins. Bring it!

On going long-term goals are still long-term goals.

The self-doubt that  plagued me most of last year has waned a lot. I've wondered if I should keep bothering doing what I've been doing or if I've been doing anything correctly. The answer is according to society, no. I look at all my friends on Facebook, they all have children talking about their little ones and posting their photos of them. For a bit I was a little envious. I'm sure at this point  in close to 8 years of marriage, I should have probably have 1.2 children living in the suburbs perhaps pursuing a thankless career in something I don't like but pays well. I mean average American and stuff.

I've never once lived the average life though. Not at home and certainly not now. It doesn't seem that appealing as it did before. I can't say that I even want it.

The average life seems focused on the wrong things in life where success is often equal to materialistic things. There is also this placidity formed on a wrong foundation and when it is  shook up badly, people can't handle it. I doubt many would live the life I've chosen and would like an easy switch to make things better. However, God never said life was easy and he didn't invent an easy mode that I can just go through the menu and change at anytime.

Would I want one?

Yes but would it be the best, no.

Why, because a little bit of a tough life builds character and you learn to appreciate what you have and I've a wonderful husband. Not many people can say that. I've a supportive in-laws and according to entrainment media, that never happens.

You know I made a startling observation last year. It seems that people who lived this entire idea that life was easy in their childhood grow up unable to deal with life. This makes me very afraid for the current and younger generations of people who think that life easy, everyone must like them, you can make no mistakes and there are no negative consequences for your actions. Oh and entitlement. The frikin entitlement.

I fear for the future America.

Alright, enough ranting from me, I got to deal with my cold toes and empty stomach.


I've currently have the follow up to Homecoming draft nearly completed. It won't be up into March or around it. I need some time to get the tone of this story right. I'm not sure if I've approached it right.
Character flaws don't matter unless they hinder the character. I just felt that I need to say that.
Okay so now I can post meaningless trivial things on my DA page like Facebook and Twitter only, I've no Twitter account. Okay.


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