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These are my newest from my mind.They are my newest mind you. If you don't like what you see here then check my gallery. Also all chapters of my stories have a chance to be revised so what is submitted new first will change as I progress. Thank you.

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I've been quiet because I've been in my story writing corner trying to work a few things out on top of my husband changing work shifts. He now works day instead of night and I've been trying to get my sleeping more in-lined with his which hasn't been working well. I can't sleep with him now. He worked nearly two years on night shift and I learned to sleep with him alone. I don't have his insistent snoring keeping me awake at night because I am a light sleeper. Before night shift, it took me 30min to an hour to fall off asleep. Well guess what, its started again. Not to mention keep staying up later than intended. I haven't had a quality night sleep in a month now. I won't be going to bed earlier until we get further away from the solstice. So what have I been doing up to 2am? Well I spent 4-6 hours per day working on Risen. Most of it being at night. You would think all this time I've spend on it, I would be winding down Risen by now and soon start looking back on Casey Blues.

Well too bad, that isn't happening now. 

With Risen, I've been working with a relatively rough timeline and going down a list of events that need to happen. My goal for this story was to make it a stand alone novel. That isn't happening as far as I can see. The story is sitting at 130k and some words right now. My writing goal was to end the story by 150k. However there were several changes from the plans and I've had to add in more. So I recently wrote out a more detailed updated timeline placing the events by chapter doing a lot of condensing to fit my estimation. It got to the point that it felt as if I was rushing to the end. That is the one thing I can't stand when getting to the climax of a novel and the end, it feels rushed. I imagined doing that from the half-way point to the end of my story onward. Yes I could fix it but I really hate fixing parts that I've rushed. Not to mention, I haven't gotten to my my half-way point feeling. So to keep my sanity and to also to keep Risen at acceptable editing level, I have to split the story. I already know I'm not going to want to edit 200k worth of story. I also want to print the draft out for editing purposes and going to my planned limit was going to be a pain.

I've spent the last week or so thinking about this off and on until this morning I woke up coming to the conclusion I have to split it. So much for writing that stand alone fantasy. I'll try harder next time. At least everything I had to take out is being put back in.

So this project is going to take a little longer than planned. So Risen Pt 1 is going to be done soon. I will be giving the 1st part a rough edit to align a few things better. Thankfully when the time comes for me to print the novel for editing purposes, Lulu offers a service where I can get it printed out in 8x11 paper and bound. I'm looking at coil bound for easy management. Thank you Lulu as your service is much cheaper than me buying a printer capable of handing a manuscript.

So in other words, I'm going to be as inactive as I have been for a lot longer. Maybe by the end of this year I'll have this all done.


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I don't do fan art, fic or drawings.
I can't write poetry. It's a sad sight when I do poetry.
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