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These are my newest from my mind.They are my newest mind you. If you don't like what you see here then check my gallery. Also all chapters of my stories have a chance to be revised so what is submitted new first will change as I progress. Thank you.

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Oh Look December

Sat Dec 6, 2014, 2:38 PM
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Boy time flies. Time to get a few things out of the way.

So how's WoW?

The questing and story parts of the game are awesome. Endgame experience has been rough. I'm not having a lot of fun with it. It really like Blizzard made half of a game. It isn't that they didn't put effort in these parts. It's just they didn't consider how strongly flawed implementing some of their new ideas where. They sound great in ones mind but in actual working practice, there are issue that were addressed to them in beta but they didn't take them into consideration. Maybe they will in the next content patch.


I closed up shop on Tumblr because lets face it, I think it sucks. The only way I can avoid reading silly opinions is just us it to watch all the artist I like post their pretty drawings who talk about art and not their misguided opinions.

How you like the New Logo?

I'm not a fan of modernizing logos because often times they fail to hit that mark the first time around. Right now, they failed to hit that mark. It's a little too abstract. I'm not graphic designer but for a logo they will be presenting not only on a site but in conventions, how will people outside of DA will know what that logo is representing without watching a video of its creation? Without telling my husband it was an "A" he had no idea what it was. I bet they will change it in a year.

How is Risen going?

Still going.

You finish reading The Slow Regard to Silent Things?

Yes and I'm not sure what to think. I like it. It is rather odd book as I have to agree with Mr. Rothfuss commentary at the end of the novella, it does things that stories aren't supposed to do. I mean the King Killer Chronicles does things stories aren't supposed to do as well. I thought about that in regards to my own novel I'm working on and yes, Risen does a few things that novels aren't supposed to do. For a while now, I've been uncomfortable with it in that way, I don't think people will want to read this. I mean I would, I don't write what I wouldn't read but I've strange tastes. I like fantasy novels that don't do typical things and I'm not talking about simple things like a story with a bunch of gray character vs more gray character. I'm talking about this entire man vs man that fantasy seems to hung up on at times. That all fantasy doesn't have to be pitting a protagonist against an antagonist that is a villain all the time.  I've managed to find novel gems out there that don't follow this trend. However not enough of this sort of things happens in fantasy. I need more!!!!

Did you finish reading Tara k Harper's book?

Yes and now I've nothing to read. :( I see a trip to Mr. Kay's and BooksAMillion in my future. There are a few books I want:

In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whale Ship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick(Because I'm obsessed with disaster)

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Clarie North(Because I've a thing for fictional men who defy time now)

Artemis Awakening by Jane Lindskold.(I never found it in adult fantasy because its apparently it's YA fiction. Looking in the wrong place again -_-)

Beholders Eye's by Julie E. Czerneda(If I'm going to start reading Sci-fi, I'm going to start with things I like, such as shapeshifters)

Warbound by Larry Correia(For some reason B&N and BAM never wants to stock this title)
I also have the itch to read a fantasy romance. I guess it's time to find a fantasy book published by Luna and see if I can't find something I'm going love and hate at the same time.
Now I will make the attempt at typing or work up the courage to start applying color to that drawing I mentioned a month ago.


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Because I've stared at my monitor for at least five minutes failing to come up with a decent response or I've written a five paragraph reply that is twiddled down to nothing when I edit my reply or I pretend I don't have time. Mainly its just because I'm a introvert and when I feel I have nothing else to add I don't.
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