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Distracted I am, writing I'm not.

Thu Nov 13, 2014, 2:04 PM
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Now back to our regular scheduled rant...

Okay so yeah, guess what. I've used my superpower, "Get out of Jury Duty" and my powers have caused people to settle their matters out of court and I have freed myself from jury duty. Seriously, this is the second time. Third time I will get caledl and it'll be some bloody murder case. Seriously, chain watching crime documentaries disturbs me, how am I going to manage a two week murder case with all the gruesome crime scene photos? Yes I know it isn't going to be Amietyville but still. Yes I recently watched a documentary on that. Not really as thrilling as Hollywood made it seem heck the murdering was more disturbing than the actual haunting. What was even more disturbing for some reason, Andrea Yeats. Maybe because they wanted to flash a photo of a baby who died across the screen while describing the dead babies body. Seriously that was not needed. I didn't need to feel that cops horror.

Anyway, I've spent a good chunk of my day playing World of Warcraft because the expansion dropped today. Now I get to run around as my beastly self and kill internet orcs so I can level up and be able to kill more internet orcs. This is also another reason why I didn't do NaNoWriMo this year. Warlords dropped very late this year given the expansion was projected to be out mid-summer of this year. So I've gotta save a world from the Iron Horde. So between rushing a story and then having to suffer from writing exhaustion  and  killing orcs as a female cow paladin with my ax. I choose killing orcs. Seriously next expansion if I still play, can I kill humans or elves or something. I like Blizzard to show more diversity in our enemies. Just saying.

However, Homecoming will soon be finished soon despite the distraction. I'm going to drop the last two parts at the same time soonish. Like beginnings, I've a hard time ending and I'm trying to like my ending.

Also I picked up Patrick Rothfuss's new novella. The Slow Regard of Silent Things. It isn't the novel I've been waiting for but it is "different." There is no dialogue anywhere. It makes my writing unnecessarily full of dialogue but I like people talking. Talking feels like a natural thing that normal people do and I like writing it as I seem to do very little in real life. However I have filed under things I want to write, I want to write a piece without character speaking. I've no clue when I will fit this in but I think I need to hone the writing chops a bit and write something without dialogue because I've been feeling my description has been lacking a bit.

As for the novella aside for the no dialogue, it good. It's a bit of a chug without having speech but otherwise worth it. Also I'm reading the last book in the Wolfwalker series by Tara K. Harper. I never finished the series only because I couldn't find a copy of the last book. I met to order it online several times over but I don't have an excuse other than, I wanted to find it at a book store. Strange no? I looked for it in my favorite used book store in the wrong section. Apparently it was placed in sci-fi. It's sci-fi fantasy that leans on the fantasy side of things. The world is post bad thing happening in a technology advanced world and now there is limited technology and wolves.

Anyway, Tara K Harper is one of my favorite writers. One of the few women writers I've come across I absolutely love. Why, because reading romantic relationships in her writing isn't painful. Mainly the two characters involved felt like a real couple. Probably reading her writing is why I treat relationships the way I do. Reading her writing is probably where I picked up the bad habit I'm trying to break of mentioning eye color so frikin much. Her's isn't bad, mine is just excessive.

So I guess I finally have that author I can wield around and say, hey, this person influenced my writing for better or for worse.

On a meteorological note, visibility outside has been reduced to less than 50 feet. It's mighty foggy out there.


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