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The King'S Own and Shadow's Past

Thu Jun 25, 2015, 1:08 PM
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So my Lorna Freeman run comes to a close. I wish I can grope around from another book on my to read stack and I would have the fourth book to this series that I suppose is never going to come. However I guess I can still talk about the books I do have.

The King's Own was a very entertaining read. We get to read more about Rabbit and his awful control over his talent. Like the first book Covenants the pace of this novel is fast. It doesn't bother me as much as it did when I read Covenants as the entire book takes place during the course of two or maybe two and half days. A lot of crap happens in The Kings Own including zombies and demons. All and all a fun ride. I most impressed at having events being not so drawn out in a fantasy novel. I wish to construct a story that could take place in two eventful days giving no pause to what happens between pages. For the future I suppose.

Then there is Shadows Past which was interesting and somewhat confusing. It wasn't that I didn't know what was going on just some thing about the way things were worded. I don't know, maybe it's just me. I can't say that I read anything different in this book as I read in the previous. Everything was fast pace and I couldn't put this book down for a long bouts of time. Over all another good read.

The Borderlands Series is on my personal recommended but on that caution because that second book was a tough find. The only place you can get it reasonable would be The only book in the series I know that is in ebook form is Shadows Past. Roc/Penguin doesn't sell the second book. So I'm assuming some sort of publishing mess took place. I don't know but the series does leave off without resolving a few issues. The third book doesn't delve into them. I suppose a interlude to what entertaining series of unfortunate events might have had occurred in The Reckoning Flame. So many questions won't be answered which makes me a very sad reader.

After this I will be delving into Terry Pratchett and after that I need to find a good novel with romance in it.. Not something I'm going to end up tossing from the sheer ridiculousness of what I'm reading. I'm eyeing my fantsay authors who do that sort of thing and thinking about Patricia Briggs. I see her books everywhere and I don't know, maybe it's time to introduce a new author and give that urban fantasy thing one more shot.

Risen is still going. I've only a few more chapter on it and seriously I do. I started part five a few weeks ago.

The novella is getting there. I'll talk more about it when I get close to finishing it and perhaps after the hubby reads it.

I've been playing Hero's of the Storm. Fun game and good distraction.

The job is going. I've work all three hard days so far and still training because I've only worked three days in three weeks. I don't understand how this all works or if its  normal. I don't know if this is a worthwhile venture or it I should start filling out more applications. Also the cost of living in TN is annoying. It's less than NC and thus TN minimal wage is low. It's when I started working low. I pay NC taxes but get paid TN low wages. NC income tax is high btw. They say they have a yearly raise system. No 90 day raise either which makes me sad. I'm not sure what to think of the place. I've not got that, I don't like you vibe off everyone yet but that only because I've not met all of the staff yet.

Anyway, fun times in the world of the Wanda.


Gallery clean-up, the 2015 edition, underway.
I've currently have the follow up to Homecoming draft nearly completed. It won't be up into March or around it. I need some time to get the tone of this story right. I'm not sure if I've approached it right.
Character flaws don't matter unless they hinder the character. I just felt that I need to say that.
Okay so now I can post meaningless trivial things on my DA page like Facebook and Twitter only, I've no Twitter account. Okay.


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