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Outside Writing Resouces #1

Mon Apr 14, 2014, 9:12 AM
In attempt to keep my DA page from becoming even more under used, I have decided to share a single article per week that is dedicated to writers. These post hopefully will be put up once a week unless some unforeseen event happens beyond my control.

Let us begin with something short and sweet.

9 Storytellling Blunders That Make You Look Like an Amateur

My thoughts.

Most of these are rather common sense sort of things.

1.No perfect hero. Don't ever do this.

2. No dumb villain.  Don't ever do this because you end up getting #1.

3. This bothers me to no end. It is very hard for me to believe in movies that two people can fall in love after running into each other as the world is falling apart in 5 minutes. I find it annoying that writers do this sort of thing in novels. Meet one week ago and fall in love with each other the next. The only common ground is they like the same color and are both perfectly good looking. Yep match made in heaven. I figured that sort of thing relates to this romanticized idea that opposites attract. Because of this the writer thinks it is okay two people who don't respect each others boundaries and fight all the time is okay. This gets old. It is shallow.

4. I've never done this. I figured since I'm not R.A Salvatore and my main character isn't Drizzt Do'Urden. For that reason alone I've no reason to go on for a half a page that a certain dwarf has a human daughter and why and how that met a certain barbarian as well in ever single book I've read at least twice!!! Yes its annoying. Don't do it! Your readers aren't stupid.

5. It has  taken me several stories of practicing and reading to kill the habit of listing. There is a time when you have to but not every character.

6. I've never done this because it is the laziest thing to do. Letting it all be a dream may have been clever when the first writer wrote it but find a better way to conclude the conflict. Just saying.

7. The idiot class, oh I wish I could burn this one too. Its another easy thing to do as well as shallow. There are reasons to make adults or even a religious organization to be unreasonable but don't make them dumb to the point it is unrealistic.  Write a story not the direct to DVD release of a popular family movie series with all the good actors swapped out as well as the good writers.

8. Trying to write a character who is religious is difficult but I'm slowing figuring out there is a way to make religion important to them without the soapbox. It can be done.

9. I never do this because of other reasons. If someone who was born in 1995 and beyond ever watches Robin Hood: Men in Tights will be lost as to why there is a car with a stick on the steering wheel. Oh the 90's.

In conclusion: add this to the list of knowledge novice writers.

Well that is it. I hope you enjoyed this article mine. If I can find something a little meatier, I will post it next time.
Until next week.

-Carry on :salute:

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