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Tue Jul 21, 2015, 7:10 AM
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On my way home from work yesterday, I realized that I was supposed to be editing Homecoming and Resolution. I stopped in the middle of Homecoming because well job. It's distracted me for the most part which stinks.
Also about job, it sucks. I work about 4-5  hr 3 day a week. If I'm lucky. In fact next week I work on 1 4 hr day. The purpose of this job is for me to pay my car off which I don't think I'm doing. I would either need another 4-5 hr job or just quit and find something for more hours because I drive around 45min to work each day. Plus I dislike this place so much. My warning system has been triggered and I don't know why. On a bright note, I lost weight while working.

The place sucks. I've no idea what is going on it's mind numbing and boring. I've been searching for other jobs and praying that another job opportunity presents it self with better hours.

Now I will be finishing up those edits. I'm going to get Homecoming first and then Resolution. I do have a tablet now to function as an e-reader so it is a lot easier to read stories here. Also, I've mixed feelings about the official DA app. I like it then I don't. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to make it a lot more friendly to stay of the front page basically. I rather just read through my messages and look at what comes in through them than having to make my way to my things. I like the colors of the app and seriously wonder why can't the site display itself that dark. Answers I will never get I suppose.

Oh also read Patricia Briggs.
I want to read a series she's written not but but but I'm not sure if I can say I like her. Her writing yes. It not horrible romance but it still has a few traps I don't like but it did help. I chose the right book. Now I got to get through all the books I brought this month. I've a lot of books to get through. Finally got a copy of Warbound by Larry Correia. Gosh I don't know why this was such a difficult find. It's on that list. I also have my first steampunk novel to read. It was my random grab. The Iron Wyrm Affair. by Lilith Saintcrow. (this is a pen name right?) I've not opened the book yet. I've have to read Graceling first. Having gotten there yet.

As for writing. I really want to post something. Seriously. I thought about a sample chapter from Risen or at least the first chapter. I'm not done with the novella because I want to get Risen done. I'm going to try for a chapter today or maybe both if I can. Risen for sure. I want to get this edited for a proof copy as soon as I can.


Gallery clean-up, the 2015 edition, underway.
I've currently have the follow up to Homecoming draft nearly completed. It won't be up into March or around it. I need some time to get the tone of this story right. I'm not sure if I've approached it right.
Character flaws don't matter unless they hinder the character. I just felt that I need to say that.
Okay so now I can post meaningless trivial things on my DA page like Facebook and Twitter only, I've no Twitter account. Okay.


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