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Thoughts Before September Ends

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 27, 2014, 7:55 AM

So my excuse for not posting anything this month as I've two things, a story and a mix media that needs to be finished.
I have none. None what so frikin ever.
It isn't for my lack of not doing anything, I've been working on the time consuming story that is Risen.

The short story is related to Risen, as it seems impossible for me to write something unrelated to the big project I'm working on. I might look over it today and figure out why I ended up hating it so much. I finally ditched these stories being told in 3rd and went with Theris 1st and it's probably the reason why I don't care for it.

Speaking of not caring for stuff lets take a moment and talk about Dr. Who. New season started and I can't say that I'm enjoying every moment of it. I was happy to hear that Steve Moffat was leaving as headwriter yet I can't help but see that his name is still credited for most of the episodes. He is still doing his usual horrible writing and for some reason it is worse than before.  I wonder why can't he just tell a straight up story in the episode. The only episode I liked was the one his name was no where to be seen on as it was just a straight up fun episode. However you know when you get a Steve Moffat episode, you feel it. He messes with time and thus you will have something that doesn't follow the established rules safe one convenient coincidence but it will bug you regardless. Or he will introduce something cool and then forgets it half way through to pursue something else. Everything gets  disjointed after awhile and thus the resolution is always unsatisfying. Then you just left sitting there with one question as the credits roll, what was that thing? Is this going to be explained or was this just a set-up for a cerebral episode?
It's either this or something that seems like Ocean's Eleven and you still figure everything out before Doctor does...within the first 10 min of the episode.  Oh and Clara...I wanted you to be fun and everything but your so typical and boring and seem to only be there to be scared and let the monsters find you. Seriously can we have Clara be something else other than the monster beacon? Can we make a companion now that isn't based on a role?  Couldn't we make "Impossible Girl" something really cool and impossible?
Can the next companion be an alien?
Can we get music? I mean really where is the soundtrack? If there is one there, it is really unmemorable. It feels like I'm watching an American show and by that I mean Law and Order. Also, American network television. A crime drama is still a frikin boring crime drama even if the main character is an immortal. Why has this genre stuck around for nearly 20 years? I'm so sick of here's is someone dead, here is someone solving the crime and insert a bunch of traits and quirks to make this show seem different.
I still can't watch Sherlock because I'm so tired of it.

Alright rant over.

I need to deal with my crampy back.

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