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Tue Sep 1, 2015, 8:58 AM
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So we've entered another month. A months where I shall get much progress done for editing.

I'm now putting forth effort into finding ways to draw with my tablet. Truth is, I can't afford a new bed scanner right now. Though I think I singled out one that I wish to own.
I had a few serious topics that I wanted to discuss in a journal for the past two months but I'm never sure how to approach the subject. It has to deal with race. Not a topic I'm sure how to express in a way that isn't a rant because it something I want to write about when I'm not frustrated by what I see. I keep on sitting down working on it over and over again but what I'm typing isn't quite what I want to say. I want to say so much in a little space. I wonder if what I want to say can't be told in just a few paragraphs but I do know it's definitely not a journal entry.

I did finish reading Warbound and I think I said something in the past that I wasn't going to really review the Grimnoir Chronicles until I finished the whole series. Here's that opinion.

 If you are looking read something with meaning, with lots of thought provoking themes, and with eloquent use of literary devices such as foreshadowing, metaphors, and allegory, then look someplace else. If you are looking to read something that is fun mayhem with gun toting good-guys with superhuman abilities in a 1940's alternate history setting the United States, then you're in luck. I recommend this series. I'm a fan of fun in reading and fun is this series.

Though I've a few minor grips about character development, the interesting illustrations of character in the novel as I'm not a fan of that art style but I can leave that all out because the story was solid. I mean, The Grimnoir Chronicles isn't breaking new ground in story-telling. It doesn't need to. I don't think all novel and series do. For what it is, its good. I mean I actually read the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. I found them very interesting because of the fact some of them were from historical figures that we know but were written to fit in the world presented.

Even some historical event such as the American Dust Bowl was presented as magic gone wrong. It is a very good example of how to write alternate history fantasy unlike some books I just read. So overall, fun, good reading fun. Hopefully I'll continue good reading Fun as I will be going back to YA fantasy and read  Shadow Scale. After that, I'll be delving into I think The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis which is about three stories too late to get a hold of this book. After that I think Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl by Jesse Anderws. I did discover that the other Patricia Briggs book I brought was in a stinking series. So now I'm going backwards trying t read the other so after that or before, is Masques by Patricia Briggs.  

So yeah. I've a lot to read which is funny because this year I didn't bother with a reading challenge because I never meet my goal. This year I didn't bother and have been reading a lot more. Hmm. Apparently I just perform better with pressure in reading and writing.

Speaking of challenges, I'm not doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I'm just throwing that out since it is getting closer to it. I've decided that as a writing challenge it's neat. Maybe if I wasn't a writer who writes year around then sure it'll be nice to do it every year. However, I'm a writer who writes year around and I don't like the burnout I experience afterwards. I mean it's just intended to get people to write and I write and I like to continue doing so without this feeling of exhaustion that can't be simply countered by willing myself to write. I just have to not write or edit for three months.  It's just very counterproductive for me. So have fun everyone.

That enough for now. I need to do something productive today.


DA really needs a better way of removing deviations that are in storage.
Gallery clean-up, the 2015 edition, underway.
I've currently have the follow up to Homecoming draft nearly completed. It won't be up into March or around it. I need some time to get the tone of this story right. I'm not sure if I've approached it right.
Character flaws don't matter unless they hinder the character. I just felt that I need to say that.
Okay so now I can post meaningless trivial things on my DA page like Facebook and Twitter only, I've no Twitter account. Okay.


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