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Outside Writing Resouces #2

Mon Apr 21, 2014, 10:01 AM

Outside DA Reasouces #2


Character flaws.


In attempt to keep my DA page from becoming even more underused, I have decided to share a single article per week dedicated to writers. These posts will be put up once a week unless some unforeseen event happens beyond my control. This includes large spiders camping my keyboard.


Now last week I did something simple, as it was a quick post. However, this week is a little more of a specific area in writing and that is character flaws.  I this topic was something I wanted to write about when I came across the article by Write World on Tumblr, which I adore. They have so many writing things on their blog. They answer questions, provide written prompts as well as image prompts; they post quotes, and have words of the day. It is a very nice resource.  They are one of the reasons why I have a Tumblr account. So check them out if you have a Tumblr account. Reminder, if you like one of their post, heart it, love it, whatever so you don’t have to search their archive as I did to find this particular post.  It will keep you from questioning your short-term memory.


I chose this topic also because I just wanted to get it out of the way and that is character flaws.  It’s one of those topics that bother me.  I mean the advice is, give your characters flaws and it isn’t usually explained very well beyond. What ends up happening sometimes a writer thinks the more flaws the better and they aren’t done with nuance. Instead of showing the flaw, it is flat out told. Sometimes the flaw isn’t really a flaw but something that could produce certain flaws. On top of this, they don’t write the flaw as a flaw. The writer allows the character to progress through the story without any consequences for their actions. This eliminates the point of a character flaw. Because of all I wonder if people know what a character flaw is.


I could rant all day about this one so here is post, read it.


Character Flaws the Master Post


If you note there are a few post connected to this post. Read them. They aren’t that long. The two listed below I thought should be spot lighted.  




I choose this link to point out because I see this all the time, the character with the saddest story to account for their current state. They have a lot of negative about them but half of what is wrong with them would keep a person from functioning making all what they do in story very unbelievable. Sometimes all the bad that happens to them doesn’t take place in story but in their back story and none of it is really seen but just used for sympathy material. The purpose of a character flaw is to have that flaw show itself in the story and inhibit the character.

This reason is why I choose the second link.




These are actually questions I think writers needs to ask themselves, mainly those first two. It helps out a lot.


I personally don’t treat character traits and flaw as if going down a grocery list of things to do or develop them completely outside of story. Most of the time I ask those questions above sub-consciously because most of the time I think on the lines, "how do I make this more convincing." This is something I've learned to do over time. Also not getting into the habit of treating my characters as if they are RP characters. I do most of my character development as I write the story. It helps having that flexibility for me anyway. I come in wanting one or two things from my character and I expand from there. This brings me to a theroy that a lot of this confusion comes from people use RP character creation as a method of creating a character in a story. I need to find an article that talks about character creation in a story verses RP character creation. That will probably be in the future concerning if there is multiple articles and blog posts on the topic. 

That is it for this week. I need to work on my concluding paragraphs. Always been a weakness of mine.


-until next time




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