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Fri Feb 27, 2015, 2:04 PM
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But it's close enough.

I can't tell though. I've 6 inches of what once was snow melted to slush, now ice on the ground and on top of that is 3 layers of snow all of different consistencies. February didn't even know what it wants.

Since it won't get warm, I pray for rain. It might be sloppy when it all ends but between white fluff and mud, I rather the mud. Give me two helpings of it please.

There might be a few interesting things in the near future as I finally settled on a digital art program. The thing is though to get the quality what I wanted and the functionality that I liked, I had to spent the money and buy one. I mean the best simple free program I've liked to day is FireAlpaca. That is a good program albeit a little too simple. I wanted something simple, easy to learn, worked, and wasn't clunky like GIMP turned out to be which I use it for photo editing because it's not much of a digital art program.

I ended up choosing Manga Studio 5. I've seen other artists works in it, and I tested out the demo and fell in love with it. The interface isn't confusing. The brushes are wonderful. It works with my tablet. It recognizes my scanner so I don't have to do the file saving dance I generally have to do to. I can just scan and color again. Also the program was under $50 bucks.  Only issue as I would have loved a physical copy, the digital one works fine.

So expect a little more artwork.

The art of world building has come to my mind as it is a well-known fact by my hubby, I'm not a world builder. I do world build but my fantasy stories generally don't start out as a world that must be written on. No I've characters with stories I must write and world-building is something I'm lax on until I finish my first draft because honestly, I hate detailing things I'm not going to use. I mean I can't imagine if I built Risen off the world. A lot of concepts and facts I had before are kind of useless. Seriously, I'm surprised how much of it changed by a simple change in my mood. Which goes to show you, I should never let emotions drive me to write something. I write a lot better without that emotional weight weighing it down.

I also wonder if I'm capable of writing something epic with a lot of world building. I mean even my epic fantasy that my hubby wants me to edit and revise wasn't heavy on a lot of overly detailed world building. I mean it so very hard to care about history every corner of the world when there was a great deal of it going on presently. It also didn't make sense at some points because I couldn't follow my rules making a few continuity errors and lousy excuses to fix these rule breakers.  There was very little planning was done while writing the novels and honestly I don't understand why he likes it so much. So much I don't like about them now. How scattered a lot of things are in there. If I were to actually fix the series, I'm not sure how I would do it.

Okay enough ranting from me. My cat is begging for my attention and I need to before she starts nipping me.

-until next time.


Gallery clean-up, the 2015 edition, underway.
I've currently have the follow up to Homecoming draft nearly completed. It won't be up into March or around it. I need some time to get the tone of this story right. I'm not sure if I've approached it right.
Character flaws don't matter unless they hinder the character. I just felt that I need to say that.
Okay so now I can post meaningless trivial things on my DA page like Facebook and Twitter only, I've no Twitter account. Okay.


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