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Submitted on
January 11, 2013
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Edit: 3/28/13

I hope this is a good place to split this. There aren't technically chapters here and this isn't a natural split in the story. This section is a wee bit longer than everything else I posted so far.

Now we introduce Cockroach. Yeah he has a name but Pam doesn't refer to him as Ben. She feels he doesn't deserve a name after what he did to her.

Now I guess we are introduced to Pam's anger problem. There is a reason why Ben, aka Cockroach cheated and divorced her. She developed this anger problem rather she already had a bit of a quick temper and over the course of their relationship made it worse.

When I thought up of Pam's character, I didn't want her to straight up be the victim here. I wanted her to be that character who has a hand in their own suffering. She in her mind is a victim so any reaction she has towards Cockroach is justified whether it is rational or not.

In some ways her reaction here is justifiable but didn't her mother tell her not to throw sharp pointy objects at people? I mean really Pam, your anger might get the better of you one day. Maybe it already has.
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